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Vegans Don’t Eat Honey???

Posted by slowlygoingvegan on September 18, 2009

honeyHmmm…this one never occurred to me! I was over on the Happy Herbivore blog (great blog by the way!) and read about her approach to honey.

When I started this whole thing, honey was not something I thought about. I don’t really consume honey that much, I do have a bottle in the cupboard from before, and really only used it for when I was baking bread, so it will not be something that will be difficult to eliminate. I have discovered the loveliness called agave…more on that in another post!

It has me thinking though, are there any other products that I have overlooked. Is there a website that lists all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to food?

Is there a food item that surprised you when you became vegan?


Edited to Add: @veganyogini on twitter sent me this great list that goes through some common ingredients that are animal derived: http://www.examiner.com/x-22107-Louisville-Vegan-Examiner~y2009m9d5-Hidden-animal-ingredients


5 Responses to “Vegans Don’t Eat Honey???”

  1. It’s really a shame that so many healthy products like whole wheat tortillas and whole wheat buns have a touch of honey in them. That said, I was down right horrified when I learned that sprinkles are not vegan — and that they are made from shellac, melted bug juices. As an FYI vegan sprinkles do exist, just look for the certification on the box 🙂

  2. Joshua May said

    I guess the things along those lines that I can think of are less food, but more like leather, feathers, wool, Goose down (sleeping bags)

    Again, I’m still earning what’s happening here, but there are a lot of ‘gotchas’ from seemingly otherwise innocent foods (which largely in themselves summarise my reasons for being vegan).

    Things like Skittles or some vitamin D enriched products can come from animal sources (red colouring in Skittles coming from Shellac, etc). A lot of Indian food is made with Ghee. And, as seems to be common over this way, white sugar is often processed with bone char. It’s so easy to not notice, and you’d otherwise never know. It seems harder to identify the additives over here though, d’oh!

    • Joshua May said

      ..which reminds me. It’s not so helpful for the vegan in you, but it’s good to know that a good deal of cheese and yoghurt isn’t even vegetarian. Rennet and gelatine are pretty gross really 😉

    • Thanks for this info! Someone recently sent me this list that goes through alot of ingredients that are animal derived…I am sure you are aware of most of them, but just in case, here is the link!

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