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Just because it is vegan…

Posted by slowlygoingvegan on November 9, 2009

healthy…does not mean it is healthy! This is something that I have been learning alot of.

A big misconception about leading a vegan lifestyle is that you will be so much healthier because everything you eat will be healthy. Now I am not sure if this is a common misconception, but it was one that I had. I am now learning how untrue this can be.

Vegan food CAN be very healthy if you do it right. Have you seen the Happy Herbivore blog? It has become one of my go to faves. Amazing, delicious vegan recipes that are all low in fat.  If you are just starting out like me and are looking for healthy vegan food, this is where you should start.

I have bought quite a few vegan cook books in the past while and the majority of them are amazing, they contain alot of healthy recipes, but there is one dessert cookbook in particular (hey, I’ve said it before, I am a dessert girls!), it that has received alot of praise, it shall also remain nameless in this post, that I am very disappointed with.

I had read alot of positive reviews on the book and I know what you are thinking: “It’s dessert, what do you expect?” Well yes, I do realize that dessert is not supposed to really be healthy, that it is a treat. I love treating myself and I don’t feel guilt about it (well most of the time!) And yes, this book does contain many delicious looking treats, the thing that disappointed me was the amount of processed ingredients that the recipes call for. Yes, they were all vegan, but wow, they were not quality ingredients at all.

Anyhow, disappointed with that purchase but I will now return from my tangent! Vegan cooking can be very wholesome, delicious and fun. You just have to find the right recipes, the right books/blogs and get to know a bit about ingredients and their origin.

Do you have a favourite healthy vegan recipe? A favourite unhealthy one? 🙂


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